([-_-]): Dirty Blues

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dirty Blues

I love the 50s and 60s euphemisms for fucking. Here's two dirty dirty tracks for you. (Now a 'back door man' isn't necessarily what you might think. It IS the 60s, not the 90s remember...)


Some Slim Harpo notes from a web site:
As cool rocking names go, Slim Harpo is in the freezer. His sonic stylings are just as frigid. A narrow minded man would say he sounds too much like Jimmy Reed. An eloquent man would talk about his lazy-sounding vocal style, the sinewy guitar, the backbeat you can drive a Cadillac through, how less is most deliciously more. But I’m neither of those.
Instead I’ll mention some titles: ‘I Need Money’, ‘Shake Your Hips’, ‘Baby Scratch My Back’….What economy and directness. The lyrics are just as straightforward, stories of simple pleasure that often contain well-observed truth.
Did he make this up right before the tape rolled? --
Ohhh, I dig those crazy clothes Let me feel those fishnet hose Cut low at the top And high at the bottom In fact, I don't see How we ever did without 'em
Slim is from Louisiana. Maybe that explains his magic.


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