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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Indian Music - Gulfam Sabri

Last night Mona and I had the privilage of hosting Gulfam Sabri for an intimate concert in our home for a few lucky people. The evening was to celebrate the birthday of my favourite father-in-law Abbas who turned 5 years old ;)

This show was truly fantastic and inspiring and I am posting an mp3 for those who missed it. I'm hoping for the opportunity to do a proper recording with Mr Sabri in the coming days.


So in addition to this great music I am also turning you onto a series of my favourite Classical Indian music tracks starting with Ravi Shankar's live performance at the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971

Bangla Dhun is a light Raga (a predetermined set of notes or 'scale') based on a Bengali Folk tune.


Bangla Dhun

sitar – Ravi Shankar

sarod – Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

tabla – Ustad Alla Rakha

tamboura – Kamala Chakravarty


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