([-_-]): Soul - The Lasting Impression of Curtis Mayfield

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Soul - The Lasting Impression of Curtis Mayfield

Justin Russell

Considering most people only know Curtis Mayfield for the (I'm Your) Pusherman sample used by Ice T, I felt it's time to let you in on a snapshot of his career, begining with his time with the Impressions and then his solo career that lasted from 1971-1976. He shocked the recording industry by putting out his solo records on his own label 'Curtom' - quite daring for a black man in the 70's.

As a young man in the mid-sixties his work with the Impressions was very influential in the US but also in Jamaica where the effect changed Reggae music forever.

Listen to the following Impressions track and then the Bob Marley version:

(The first link goes to my two minute sample and the subsequent[link] opens the iTunes store)

The Impressions - People Get Ready [iTunes link]
Bob Marley - One Love (original version) [iTunes link]


My Deceiving Heart [iTunes link]
Seven Years [iTunes link]
I'm Loving Nothing [iTunes link]
You Want Somebody Else [iTunes link]
Fool For You [iTunes link]

Curtis Mayfield - Solo

1971 - Power to the People (Demo Version) [iTunes link]
1973 - I Plan To Stay A Believer [iTunes link]
1973 - Future Shock [iTunes link]
1974 - Ain't Got Time [iTunes link]
1975 - So In Love [iTunes link]


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