([-_-]): Feist - The Reminder

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Feist - The Reminder

Now that 'My Moon My Man' has finally been released in Europe, the Year of Feist has officially begun. I've been dying to write about this record, but for now I can only let you in on the fantastic 'My Moon My Man'. The track is so well produced (by Gonzales and Feist) and yet so simple, it really allows her voice to be the main instrument. This holds true for the whole album.
The thing I love about this record is how perfectly and effortlessly walks the line between experimentation and accessibility. Turn this song up loud and you can hear Ohad and Charles guitar freakout after the second chorus. Other songs get freaky at times too, and should attract more and more legions of fans who want music to listen to. Ten out of Ten.
Check back here in a few weeks and I should be able to have an early sneak preview of the rest of the record.


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