([-_-]): Blues - Junior Kimbrough

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blues - Junior Kimbrough

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Junior Kimbrough - You Better Run: The Essential Junior Kimbrough

Most Things Haven't Worked Out
I used to think that I didn't really like blues that much. I found the traditional 1-4-5 chord progression of 12-bar blues (the Blues structure that we are most familiar with) a bit predictable and often too happy. I was really thrilled to stumble upon Junior Kimbrough at 'Rotate This' and hear that Blues can be dirty and dangerous and frankly more rock and roll. JK doesn't mess around with frilly things like changing chords - he finds a groove and digs in until the whole affair winds up somewhere down the road. Some songs literally fall apart. It's really down home blues the way Junior played it in his house. In fact, many of his recordings were made on a portable cassette recorder, so the sound is often low-fi but that that only adds to it's charm. You may have to dig around to find his records, but it's worth the effort. For my US readers the iTunes link works for the top LP and everyone else will have to either buy it from Fat Possum (great label) which is linked to the 'Most Things...' LP above, or go to their local indie record store. Enjoy.
Song [Album]
Leave Her Alone [You Better Run, Most Things Haven't Worked Out]
Meet Me In The City [Meet Me In The City]
Baby Please Don't Leave Me [Meet Me In The City]