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Friday, December 15, 2006

Tom Waits - Drinking Music

This new limited edition release was named an instant classic by Mojo magazine. If you aren't familiar with Tom Waits, please don't pass this over, check out some of the tracks below or on your iTunes (click the cover above).
It's interesting is that half of it is older unreleased work which makes you wonder why he's been holding on to it for so long. The record (at a whopping 56 tracks) is a bit pricey, especially the online version, so I would recommend picking up a track here or there. I recommend these tracks:

01. Lie To Me
07. Ain't Goin' Down The Well
10. Road To Peace
13. Walk Away
16. Rains On Me
24. Tell It To Me
41. Books of Moses
45. Dog Door
54. On The Road

The only good thing about the CD release is that it has lyrics which, for some of the more unleashed tracks, are compulsory.

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Walk Away


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